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Pure Horsepower !


Bon Bini na Playa! Welcome to Oranjestad!

In contrast to prominent US cities like Doral-FL, Boston-MA, Chicago-IL, Austin-TX and San Francisco-CA, Oranjestad is not quite as rumbustious.

You won’t come upon sirens, noise, roars and rumble, hustle and bustle and dog eat dog vibrations when walking the streets of the capital city of Aruba. And yet, the city of Oranjestad is convinced that she can add distinctive value to these major US cities through sister cities relationships.


To the locals, the city is known as Playa, which is short for “Playa Caballos” – (Bay of Horses) which name was given to the harbor town in the early days of Spanish colonization and which was later translated into Dutch as Paardenbaai.


The city started out as a horse ranch and perhaps there’s still a subliminal relaxed sensation one feels when in Oranjestad-Aruba. Nonetheless, Oranjestad cannot quite be characterized as a sleepy town either. There’s considerable “giddy-up” in the 80-plus nationalities who live here in peace and harmony. The Dutch officially named Oranjestad in 1824 in honor of King William I of the Netherlands.


Humility is the primary attribute of the citizens of Oranjestad-Aruba. Everybody here is off their high horse!

The people from Oranjestad speak at least four languages and are genuinely hospitable and proud of their city.

This explains why Aruba has the highest repeat-visitor rate in the Caribbean.

Aruba enjoys a vibrant democracy, cherished by its patriotic citizens who are committed to the advancement of Oranjestad. The parliamentary government is situated in the heart of Oranjestad.


The city is progressive and business-friendly and aspires to become an upscale and globally connected city; a beacon of peace and prosperity but without losing its history, culture and charm.


Oranjestad-Aruba Sister Cities Association functions as the workhorse in this endeavor and looks forward to continue mustering the horsepower to achieve the city’s audacious international goals. So no horsin’ around! Let’s gallop into a bright orange future.


Partner with us!


Learn more about Oranjestad here:

Oranjestad's Sister Cities

Doral Logo In Orange Circle.png

Proud Sister City since 2016

Doral, Florida
Link to SCI Agreement

Doral City Hall.jpg
Boston Seal Logo OC.png

Sister City in Development

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston city hall.jpg

Help Us Achieve This Goal !

The City of Oranjestad approached the City of Boston to consider a sister city relationship... but first we need to know how many citizen diplomats are willing to help build this alliance.

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Preselected Sister City Candidates Under Consideration

City of Austin Seal Logo OC.png

Austin, Texas

City of San Jose Logo OC.png

San Jose, California

City of Chicago Logo OC.png

Chicago, Illinois

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