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Oranjestad-Aruba Sister Cities Association advances Oranjestad as a global city and promotes peace through mutual respect, understanding, cooperation and citizen diplomacy; for the benefit of Oranjestad and its US sister cities.

To accomplish this mission, OASCA develops tangible and impactful projects in the areas of economic development, trade & commerce, sports & wellness, innovation, education, government relations and creative industries – culture, culinary arts, music & performing arts. These projects reinforce our agreements.


OASCA seeks synergies and is constantly on the lookout for innovative ideas which could originate from Oranjestad or from its sister cities. The projects are crafted with the help of our advisors, volunteers and sponsors.

OASCA aims to create at least three (3) annually recurring programs in each sister city. These (3) projects would focus on themes that are particularly important to both communities and which bonds the sister cities around specific and common goals. Smaller standalone initiatives supplement the bedrock projects throughout the year. 

Do you have a brilliant idea to strengthen our sister city ties?

Work with us! Contact us at or call +1 786-331-9948
Here follow a few projects which OASCA is currently working on:

Mission: Shining a spotlight on Oranjestad as a globally connected city by incorporating our US sister cities into the celebration of Oranjestad’s 200-year jubilee.

In concert with Stichting Rancho and other stakeholders, OASCA is tasked to contribute to the masterplan which preserves the city’s history and culture and helps set the path of Oranjestad’s bright future.

This project culminates in 2024 and OASCA invites volunteers to form a committee to explore the opportunities in the US making the festivities in 2024 a triumphant international success.

The countdown to 2024 has begun….

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Mission: Connecting 37 Aruban elementary schools with counterpart elementary schools in Oranjestad’s sister cities.

This project is propelled by the Chinchirinchi Book Series.

This educational initiative hopes to give rise to the new generation of global leaders and citizen diplomats.

OASCA is seeking volunteers with educational background to form a committee to create and institute a pilot program joining Mon Plaisir Elementary School in Oranjestad with Downtown Doral Charter Elementary School.

“Old men can make war, but it is children who will make history.

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Mission: Creation of an annual little league baseball tournament.

Baseball is also one of Aruba’s favorite national pastimes and this initiative is modeled after the Kingdom Olympic Games where the countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands compete against each other in sporting events.

In partnership with Shark Sport Academy and other stakeholders, OASCA is appealing to citizen diplomats to volunteer in creating a committee which organizes this yearly traveling little league event amongst Oranjestad’s US sister cities.

Play Ball!

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Mission: Acquisition of a sculpture to be dedicated to the citizens of Doral, commemorating the 5th year sister cities anniversary.

Aruba Aloe is the oldest aloe company in the world and one of the first companies to formulate and manufacture aloe-based skin, hair and sun care products.

In honor of Aruba Aloe’s 125 years of existence, a series of aloe sculptures were created at the Aruba Art Fair.

This distinctive gift, which depicts Aruba’s flora & fauna and Indian cave hieroglyphics, would find a permanent home at the new art gallery at the Doral Cultural Art Center; set to open in 2021.

OASCA is soliciting a $2,000.00 sponsorship/grant which includes shipping and handling of this beautiful sculpture.


Mission: Positioning the City of Oranjestad as an international gastronomic destination.

This project highlights the preservation of authentic local food cultures; including Aruban street food, addresses food supply chain procedures, linking farmers to tourists and protecting food biodiversity.

This culinary diplomacy initiative emanates from the prestigious Ulysses award winning recipient: Chanita ta di Fiesta.

OASCA is soliciting $500.00 to introduce this culinary diplomacy project presentation via WorldBoston.

“The easiest way to win hearts and minds is through the stomach"

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Mission: Exportation of this precious and rare musical instrument to Oranjestad’s US sister cities.

OASCA’s mission is not complete without a Tingilingi Box!
The instrument has its roots in Europe and made its way via Venezuela and Curacao to the Happy Island.

Our mission is to continue the instrument’s journey and be the first to import the instrument into the US, thus reviving the instrument’s very distinctive sound.

OASCA solicits $8,000.00 to commission the manufacturing of this folkloric Aruban musical instrument. Perhaps music instrument collectors in the US could be interested in this investment.


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Mission: Saluting the sister city alliance between Doral and Oranjestad-Aruba through a “silent” mural in the town of San Nicolas-Aruba; the Street Art Capital of the Caribbean.

This proposed mural depicts a medley of well-known, and not so well-known faces from Aruba and Doral, silently acknowledging the solidarity between our diverse sister communities.

This wonderful project is a collaboration between The Doral Contemporary Art Museum and ARTISA and is under the direction of The Silent Project.

OASCA supplicates a sponsorship of $5,000.00 to cover part of the expenses for this momentous mural which will be on display for about 2 to 3 years.


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