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Citizen Diplomacy

With Zjeito !

Oranjestad-Aruba Sister Cities Association is responsible for developing and fulfilling sister cities agreements on behalf of the City of Oranjestad-Aruba in the United States.

Even though the Aruba Sister Cities Program was created to stimulate people-to-people relationships, the association also acts as a liaison between elected government officials and dignitaries from the sister cities.

Strengthening municipal partnerships and advancing municipal cooperation are also stipulated in such unique agreements. 

OASCA assists in coordinating in-and outbound governmental visits and missions between the sister cities and ensures fraternal communication between the sister cities’ elected officials.

City governments are presumed to endorse and support sister cities relationships and ordinary citizens are encouraged and expected to take the forefront in nourishing these special people-to-people relationships. Sister cities agreements put citizens first by promoting peace through citizen diplomacy.

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